Clean Office and Productivity the connection

Office is the place where your employees spend most of there time other than home, it wont be wrong to say that Workplace is our second home, we spend more than 40% of our days time and 40% of our life’s time at work, actually more time awake then at home.

As per recent study
Conducted in collaboration with International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) revealed that unclean and non

hygenic work enviournment reduces efficiency and productivity of employees and hence growth of businesses.

Recent study by Jefferey Campbell, Ph.D.

Head of the facilities management program at Brigham Young University. Based on poll of 1,481 candidates for the study and 88 percent of them reported that concentration, understanding, efficiency, and production become hindered when:

  • When there is visible dirt on the corners and layer of dust gets concentrate on sidewalls and tiles.
  • Base molding is unclean and dirty with streaks or splashes.
  • When there are visible marks on walls doors and windows.
  • Lights, Lamps are black and dirty.
  • Trash is

    not taken out regularly.

If your cleaning team lets you down to this extent of hygene and cleanliness,

would you be able to get desired production ? cleanliness is next to godliness and this study shows findings to support that. A professional office cleaning crew like will ensure that your work enviournment and employees feel comfortable to work on highest level of understanding, concentrating to give

100% productivity, contact us to get 100% satisfaction as your productivity is our priority.